CLOC provides opportunities and supports education to create and promote a funloving learning experience for children of all ages. Our impact is measured in the donations received from passing the hat at intermission, the word of mouth reviews and the support we receive from our broad base of followers, patrons, sponsors, volunteers and community members.

Blazing Guns at Raoring Gulch


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Murder mystery to benefit Cloudcroft FFA program.

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25th Anniversury

Welcome to our new website. We opted into having it completly redeveloped, and redesigned after our website mistress wanted to pass the torch. This website only contains curent show info and history for 2016 and above. If you're here for the full history of CLOC then everything from 1991 to 2015 is on our old site. Click HERE to visit our historic website.


Cloudcroft Light Opera Company (CLOC) is an all volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)3 acting group organized to provide family-oriented entertainment to locals and visitors to Cloudcroft, the Sacramento Mountains and the Tularosa Basin through laughter. For More About us Click HERE.


CLOC operates entirely as a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization. The support from our sponsors through the years has allowed us to continue providing scholarships and monetary support within the local area while continuing the great tradition started in 1991 of providing family entertainment for visitors to Cloudcroft. For more information on being a sponsor or seeing our current sponsors, click HERE.


Since 1994, CLOC has given over $30,000 in scholarship funds to deserving graduating students from Cloudcroft, Tularosa and Alamogordo or continuing students in pursuit of an advanced degree in arts. Applicants must have participated in a school or community-sponsored theatrical or musical function or production during the immediately preceding high school year or college term. This renewable merit-based award is potentially a $2,000 4-year scholarship. All proceeds for the scholarships are obtained via the hat pass during the summer melodramas. Visit our Scholarships page for more info.

Melodrams / Murder Mysterys

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