How the West was Worn

July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, 15th, & 16th

Cast is set for How the West was Worn ... William Board - Bill Denney Dusty Rhodes - Zackery Miller Penny Ante - Dave Bradshaw Terry Cloth - Jennifer Green Ward Robe - Tony Courvoisier Tumbleweed - Clifford Courvoisier Helen Back - Kalei Ponder Tammy Gun - Kenzi Ponder Slim - Alan Hale Nada Chance - Corina Lisk Hedda D'Class - Hillary Marshall Ricardo - Warren Boo Spearman Rusty - Michael Shinabery Molly - Heather Derrick Bash Prompter - Julie McAskill Bryant

The Hustle

Each year CLOC performs one to two murder mysteries. In recent years, murder mysteries have been performed at the Cloudcroft High School with all proceeds going to a selected student organization with ties to the arts. For a minimal fee, patrons receive dinner and a show. Many attendees are incorporated into the mystery via ad lib sections or pre-planned antics. In the past, CLOC has worked with a local historic hotel to provide entertainment to visitors during slower times of the year in the mountains. These murder mysteries were written and performed by the all-volunteer CLOC members with interaction with patrons. Clues to help solve the murder(s) were provided to local sponsors to allow community businesses to take advantage of the increased tourist traffic in the village.

Almost $5,000 was donated to Cloudcroft School's culinary ProStart program and Career Technical Education programs.

For a full history please visit our historical website. HERE.